Velcro Blanket for Model 5075 and 5075-X2

Product Number: 50VM
Product Description: Single Wrap Velcro Blanket for Models 5075 and 5075-X2 Woodmaster Velcro has a pressure sensitive back self-adhesive back for easy instillation. To remove you old Velcro you will need the help of acetone or a good glue remover.
Cut the Velcro strip on a 18-3/4” diagonal to start your wrap. Peel back about 8” of the paper back to expose the glue then wind the cut edge against the edge of the sanding drum. Continue to peel of the paper back and roll the Velcro onto the drum. Trim the end of the Velcro even with the end of the sanding drum and you are ready to install sandpaper.
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